How many clothes do I need?


If you’re thinking about doing a closet cleanup or creating a capsule wardrobe, I’m sure you’ve wondered to yourself more than once, “how many clothes do I need?”

If you don’t have the right information (and worksheet), it’s hard to figure out.

You’ve probably found that not having a target number of clothes is a big enough obstacle to put you off your wardrobe overhaul each time you attempt it. You have nothing to aim for and you never really know if you’re finished.

You may even have tried other popular methods of reducing your wardrobe, with a fixed, one-size-fits-all number to strive for.

The problem here is that it’s not personalised. It’s not tailored to you.

Every single person is unique and has different needs. So how can one single number cater to everyone’s needs?

It can’t.

The Perfect Number Worksheet is the only resource you'll need to find the ideal amount of clothes for YOU.

I want to share with you FOR FREE the worksheet that I offer in From Drab to Dream: The Complete Wardrobe Overhaul Course.

It’s a MAJOR step towards creating a wardrobe you love and helps form a very solid basis for what to keep.

It helps you work out (with virtually no effort) how many items you need in your wardrobe year-round, and on top of that breaks down how many clothes in each category!

The figure you arrive at will be absolutely personalised for you, and no-one else.

It’s the perfect amount of clothes to keep – no more, and no less.

No more cookie cutter numbers, nothing pulled out of thin air.

Just one, completely sound, accurately calculated number, personalised specifically for you.

Download the worksheet now and and start off your wardrobe overhaul on the right foot (shoe?).

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