Declutter your phone like a boss by checking these 18 things

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You need to declutter your phone if:

  • You’re considering buying a new one because your current one has slowed down beyond what you’re willing to tolerate
  • Using your phone stresses you out because of all the crap you’ve got on there, and you don’t know how to start clearing it out, or
  • Maybe you’re just sitting at home, bored, and need something to do.

I can guarantee that making the effort to declutter your phone will help you with the above.

And I’m not just talking moving your apps off the home screen so it’s a little calmer to look at. I mean a full, comprehensive cleanup of every aspect of your phone.

The benefits of decluttering your phone include:
– with less of a burden to bear, your phone will be able to run faster
– you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly
– the interface will be clearer and easier to use
– you’ll be eliminating one source of stress from your daily life
– you’ll be placing less demand on servers, which take up a lot of physical space as well as energy (benefitting the environment)

The only downside is that you actually have to do it. But even then, once you’ve done it properly, you can list it as a recurring monthly to-do and never let it get bad again.

Declutter your phone by completing the following list of tasks, one by one. The order doesn’t matter, but make sure you finish one before you move onto the next.


1. Clear your downloads folder. Find it under File Manager or Files (depending on your OS). Move what you want to keep to a relevant folder, then delete the rest.

2. Delete photos and videos. This includes blurry images, screenshots, duplicates, poor angles, pictures you just plain don’t like, pictures of shopping lists, too-short videos, bumpy videos, and anything else that you don’t love.

3. Clear app caches. This is done via Settings. Apps store a lot of (often) unnecessary information on your phone, taking up precious memory space.

4. Delete old/unused apps. These may not be immediately obvious, but go through your app list and delete the ones that you haven’t used for a few months. If it turns out you do actually need one, you can always reinstall it.

5. Delete unwanted music and listened-to podcasts. You know those songs you always skip past? Save yourself the hassle of skipping, and the storage space, and delete them. Get rid of any podcast episodes you’ve already listened to, as well, and unsubscribe from any podcasts that you no longer like to listen to.

6. Text messages and photo messages. Delete those verification codes for all your accounts, recharge reminders, expired special offers from retailers, and any other messages that you don’t need. Unimportant random messages from friends. Pictures of the shopping list sent through by your partner or roommate.

7. Delete old, unneeded contacts. Old work colleagues that you have no wish to speak with again, random peripheral friends from school or college, relatives of your ex-partner if you no longer speak with them, and anyone else you don’t expect to contact in the foreseeable future.

8. Delete old alarms. Have a tonne of random, deactivated alarms sitting in your phone? Get rid of them and only keep the ones that you use regularly.

9. Clear your online calendar of old recurring tasks and declined invitations. Have you set a reminder to call your best friend once a week, but have since moved in together? No need to keep that task clogging up your calendar. Set your calendar to hide declined invitations, too.

10. Delete old notes, action to-dos, and organise what remains. Do you use notes for everything, like me? Chances are you have plenty of old ones that you no longer need. Delete them, and create an action list of notes you come across that still need to be completed. Organise what remains into logical categories and condense notes where possible.

11. Delete unneeded Chrome bookmarks. Go through your bookmarks and delete everything that you don’t need or that doesn’t interest you. Set aside some time to read the ones you saved to read, or delete them.

12. Close Chrome tabs, bookmark the ones you need for later. Close all of your Chrome tabs. Bookmark the ones that you really need, and close the rest.

13. Close all apps. Only keep apps open that you’re currently using. Having more open than you need only slows down your phone’s operation and leads to frustration.

14. Put apps into folders. Create logical folders on your phone and sort your apps accordingly. You might have folders such as Games, Blog, Tools, Shopping, etc.

15. Unfollow uninteresting content on social media. This may take some time, and is more of a habit to develop than something that you can manage in a day. As you’re browsing and come across content you don’t love, take the time to unfollow the account. You can also go through your listed interests and the accounts you follow on each platform and unfollow that way.

16. Physically clean your phone. Take the case off and clean it, inside and out, then clean your phone, including removing dust from any open ports. Clean the screen thoroughly too.

17. Change up your homescreen. This is just a fun way to change up your phone’s appearance and help it feel fresh and new again.

18. Update your social media profile pictures. When was the last time you changed them? Time for an update to something fresher and more in line with the latest version of you.


Now – how does that feel? So much better, right?

Pin this post to a Pinterest board so that you can refer back to it each month.

Don’t forget to take it one at a time. It’s better to have fully completed a few of them than half-done all of them.

Once that’s done, move on to your clothes and make use of this free worksheet to do it!

If this post was helpful, please share so that others can benefit!

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