Better Organised
I completely and utterly understand your struggle to declutter. From the age of about eight, I would spend one full weekend every few months going through all of my stuff and trying to fit my ever-increasing amount of possessions into the limited space that I had. I measured my success by how well I could...
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I imagine you’re here because you’re SO OVER your current wardrobe. You might even have been looking specifically for a capsule wardrobe formula (in which case, you’re in the right place!). You have a heap of stuff that you haven’t touched since you bought it, and trying to find an outfit to wear every day...
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Do you need a style guide for your wardrobe? You never have anything to wear, right, even though you feel like you could stock an entire shop with the amount of clothes you own? I’ve created a set of simple steps for developing your very own style guide so that this is a feeling of...
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