Life: Homemade and Uncomplicated

For aspiring eco-friendly, self-sufficient minimalists.

So! You probably ended up here because you are feeling (at least) one of the following:

  • the constant weight of something else you should be doing, preventing you from relaxing;
  • disorganised and behind, all the time;
  • without direction and unable to focus;
  • the need to be kind to the planet but don’t know how or where to start;
  • discontent with the things in your home;
  • the need to be at least semi-self-sufficient; and
  • overall, much less put-together than that person who always seems to be perfect in every way (you know the one).


This is where I come in. This blog is for aspiring zero-wasters, organisers, minimalists, homesteaders, and those who enjoy whipping up the occasional cracker of a homemade meal.

I’m certainly not an expert on these topics, but it’s the life I want and am striving towards, so I’m sharing what I know and will add things that I discover along my journey to a homemade and uncomplicated life. My aim is to help you:

Reduce your stress and disorganisation

De-stress and find personal and household organisation through minimalism.

Show me how

Gain direction and focus in life

Start planning, sort out your goals, and create a pathway to the life you want.

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Reduce your environmental impact

Save the Earth and your hard-earned cash by making a few simple changes.

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Live via your own means, rely on no-one

Head towards self-sufficiency and reduce your reliance on shops for food and other products.

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Enjoy a wholesome homemade meal

Many of these recipes I invented when there was an odd assortment of not-much-left-in-the-cupboard!

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Live an intentional, curated life

Gain ultimate satisfaction from being the sole designer of your awesome, enviable life.

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I also want to learn from you, so if you have any tips or info to share, please do so via comments on this site, Twitter or email.

Somewhat recently I discovered the concept of meaningful, intentional living; this entails a life that is more enjoyable, less stressful, less damaging to the earth, and filled with much more satisfaction.

I feel as if I have a richer life because of it and I’m keen to spread my knowledge and that happy feeling 🙂 If you feel like you’re in the right place, you probably are, and I encourage you to peruse this site to your heart’s content!

By the way – you know how you so often come across something you love, can’t imagine yourself ever being able to forget it, getting distracted and… forgetting it? Make sure that exact thing doesn’t happen this time! Follow me on social media and subscribe to updates to avoid disappointing yourself.

Welcome to the beginning of your new life: homemade and uncomplicated.

Life: Homemade and Uncomplicated